G20 Summit 2019 Ends in Osaka, with Talks On Trade, Security, and Western Liberalism

This year’s G20 Summit wrapped up on Saturday, June 29, and there were some significant points to be considered from the meetings between various world leaders.

Coming back to the leaders themselves, then Japan PM Shinzo Abe described the summit as a success after its completion. He also added there’s a responsibility, for all the G20 countries, to face the global problems and try to come up with solutions, with the means of dialogue.

g 20 summit last day

When it comes to another leader from Russia, then, President Vladimir Putin shocked everyone, when in an interview with the Financial Times, before the start of the summit, he said that “liberalism is obsolete”.

He had emphasized on preventing immigration in the countries, as according to him it had infringed on people’s rights.

“The liberal idea has starting eating itself,” Putin said during the interaction with the reporters in Osaka.

When it comes to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then he had a good meeting with Donald Trump, in which the latter praised him for his huge victory in this year’s Lok Sabha elections, and the way BJP registered a massive win. The two also talked on other issues related to international trade.

Similarly, there was also a meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, the president of China. But at the summit, they didn’t really focus much on their current trade wars, as was expected from the two.

And last but not least, the most interesting moment from the summit came when on Saturday, at the end of the event, Trump took to his Twitter profile and tweeted about his meetings with all the other leaders. This tweet was important because he also invited North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for a meeting at the Border/DMZ (demilitarized), just to shake hands.

And everyone knows what happened after that, as both Trump and Kim met each other in North Korea, at the DMZ, where they posed for photographs while shaking hands together.

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