EXCLUSIVE: Falcon and the Winter Soldier Footage Description Reveals Baron Zemo’s Costume, Super Soldier Program

During a shareholders meeting on Wednesday, the extended trailer footage showed Baron Zemo in his classic costume, wearing the mask, while also revealing mystery about the super soldier program reactivation

An extended trailer footage from the upcoming Marvel TV series Falcon and the Winter Soldier was shown during a shareholders meeting on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. And the latest description provided by Comicbook.com reveals a lot about the footage from the MCU show.

As per the footage description, the villain from Captain America: Civil War, Baron Zemo will be having his classic costume, wearing the mask, just like in the Marvel comics. Also, there is a reveal of another reactivation of the super soldier program—the one which led to Steve Rogers’ transformation into a superhuman, from a skinny guy.

The description, from Comicbook.com, tells about the exclusive footage from the Disney Plus TV series in the following manner, written below. Try to figure out if you can. It’s quite revealing about the plot of the show, and thus also contains spoilers.

Here it is:

Show opens with Bucky who is visiting Zemo in an elaborate prison. The latter tries to activate Bucky’s Winter Soldier programming, but it doesn’t work anymore. Then Bucky reveals, to Zemo, that he has come to see him because someone has reactivated the Super Soldier program.
Moving forward in the clip, next is a scene of an Americana theme (red, white, and blue decorations, cheerleaders, the works). Some announcer then introduces the new Captain America to the entire world and a figure can be seen backstage in silhouette, holding the shield. It is none other John Walker’s iteration of the new Captain.
After this, the footage shows a series of action sequences and battles which also involve Zemo fighting in his Marvel Comics mask! Towards the end of the footage, Bucky tells Sam that the two are not friends; they are just two guys who had a common friend (Steve Rogers), and that now they need to help each other out.

Source: comicbook.com

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