Pulwama Attack fallout: Emotions running high in the aftermath of Terror Attack

 Kashmiri Students were not allowed to move out of their rooms, some forcibly locked; lived without food. Over 300 reach Mohali fleeing to make their way back home. 

 “ Dogs Are Allowed But Kashmiri Not Allowed”, one can't ignore but stumble upon this sign at a store in Dehradun, targetting the Kashmiri students after the dastardly Pulwama Attack.

Even after Rajnath Singh ordered states and Union Territories to ensure the protection of the Kashmiri students, the threat looms all over the nation. Students have locked themselves in their houses and wish to reach their home safely over the fresh tensions between India and Pakistan.

 India prepares to battle the odds but the unrest within is not going to help India say Kashmiri voices looking for a  political solution in Pulwama Attack Fallout.

Ever since the 20-year-old Kashmiri Adil Ahmed Dar rammed a vehicle full of explosives into the bus carrying CRPF personnel to their duty in Pulwama district continuous attacks by right-wing activists and locals has made the  Kashmiri students living outside the state in fear of death.

Kashmiri students asked to vacate:

 Students studying in Maharishi Markandeshwar Universities in  Mullana Village (in the Ambala district of Haryana) who are living as paying guest in the village are asked to evacuate the premises within 24 hours. Sarpanch of the village Naresh Rana said that many Kashmiris living in the village supported the attack through  Whatsapp and Facebook. A video of Sarpanch has gone viral.

 “ The people who are keeping these  Kashmiri boys and girls as tenants in their houses should tell them to leave as these students distributed sweets after the attack and also held a party in the college. The villagers have been asked to vacate Kashmiri students from the rented accommodation in case it is not done the person in whose residence such students are living will be considered as traitors.” he recorded.

Students fear to step out of their rooms and have locked themselves in, they aren't attending classes as they fear for their lives. 25-year-old Aaqib, who has been studying at Maharishi  Markandeshwar University (MMU) for the past six months, did not attend any classes on Saturday. The first thing he did in the morning was to shave his beard.

“There is a looming fear here and everyone is looking at you with suspicion. I shaved my beard because of all this. We have not seen this situation before. We do not want to walk alone here anywhere. At around 2 a.m., people were knocking on some of our doors to create fear,” he said.

Help For Distressed Kashmiri Students:

Trustee of the University Vishal Garg has helped some distress students by providing them with accommodation in the hostel. Kashmiri shopkeepers in Patna are being assaulted by the locals with slogans like ‘Kashmiris waspas jao’ making rounds. Stones were being thrown at sellers who have come down from Kashmiri sell carpet. Similar conditions prevail in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan where students are being expelled for showing support to terrorist in the Pulwama attack.  

Kashmiri Student Arrested in Bangalore:

A student in Bangalore who praised the suicide bomber has been  charged with sedition (Section 124 A of IPC ). The situation is even worse in Dehradun city of Uttrakhand where  Bajrang Dal leaders are making it difficult for the students to live in  the city. 

According to HuffPost the plight of students have turned worse after the deadliest attacks in Kashmir. 

“We put locks outside our houses for three days. We did not switch on the light. We did not even remove the curtains for a minute. We did not go outside to get food,” explained the student a 20-year-old. 

“No Kashmiri is safe in Dehradun, ” he added.

The students at the Combined Institute of Medical Sciences and Research in Dehradun were asked to leave forcibly. 

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