Disney’s The Lion King Collects Over $1 BN at the Global Box-Office

Disney’s live-action remake of 1994’s The Lion King has wooed the audiences the world over, and the proof is—it’s just gone past $1 billion globally. Upon its release, however, the Jon Favreau directorial didn’t receive much love from the critics, but the technical genius of the movie, and its immersive experience, altogether, has led to a massive push in its popularity.

Under just two weeks of its arrival in theaters, worldwide, the film has crossed the mark of a billion dollars, which is incredible.

A still from the film. (Image Credi: comicbook.com)

Much of the credit to its box-office success also goes to the fact that it also gives a nostalgic feeling to all those moviegoers who grew up watching the original animated movie, around 25 years ago.

And yes, it’s again a big win for Disney, this year, after having enjoyed the taste of an unmatched victory with Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and Aladdin. Not to mention that Endgame is now the biggest movie of all-time, as it became number one, after defeating Avatar, more than a week ago.

Coming back to The Lion King, then the story of Mufasa and his son Simba has once again touched the hearts of many people across the globe. Movie audiences have rated it quite impressively and everyone’s loved the live-action version, especially the children of this generation.

Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and starring big names as the voices of the characters in the film, the movie is running successfully in theaters worldwide. And it looks certain that it will enjoy a lot more going through its box-office journey, for the next three-four weeks.

Moreover, Disney will be looking forward to breaking its own record of 2018, where all movies under the studio, combined, earned it more than $7 billion. Well, this year, the figure may cross the mark of $10 billion! And it will be unprecedented when considering just a single movie making company achieving this feat.

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