World Hails Captain Cools Undeniable Legacy, Dhoni Turns 38 And The Show Is Still On

Mahendra Singh Dhoni the most successful Indian captain ever, celebrated his birthday on 7th July. Captain cool with his family and close friends celebrated his birthday in Leads. This was just after India convincingly defeated Sri Lanka and topped the league table. The Indian cricket team is celebrating now as they are two steps away from the world cup.

M.S Dhoni has not yet seen in his magical form yet this world cup in England. He has been great behind the stumps but to the surprise has conceded the most bye runs to be exact 24. Still, there is something that keeps us stick to the hope that if India has to win this world cup there has to be a special knock from Dhoni. This is so because he has, again and again, proved himself, he is a big player who performs at big stages and under high-pressure situations.

There is no doubt he is a living legend of the game and he still has the skills to put any ball behind the rope using the power of his bottom hand. Although his current form in ICC World cup 2019 is better than many of his other teammates, the only request his fans make is to take his strike rate a bit higher.

Anyways Dhoni was showered by birthday wishes and praises from his friends and fans all around the globe. ICC ( International Cricket Council) also made a short video on M.S Dhoni and his contribution to the game as a token of appreciation.

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