Deadpool Will Join The MCU Sooner, in Avengers 5!

As per the latest reports coming out from several solid sources, close to Marvel, it seems Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will soon be making his MCU debut, and that too, in an Avengers movie! Not only that, but Marvel Studios is also working on merging the R-rated character with other superheroes as well, during a ‘crossover event-based’, PG-13 film.

Though there’s been no official word on the mutant character’s inclusion, even in last month’s Phase 4 announcement in San Diego Comic-Con by Kevin Feige, the speculations are still strong that the news will soon be coming out, from the Marvel Studios’ head himself.

Deadpool may soon be introduced in the MCU. (Image Credit: sideshow.com)

The upcoming D23 Expo, towards the end of August, which is Disney’s own annual event, is said to reveal the slate for Phase 5. And all the die-hard Marvel fans are hoping, for sure, that the expo will turn out to be a great surprise for them.

There have already been several leaks on the next list of movies, to arrive after Phase 4. And taking D23 into focus, there’s a strong possibility of an announcement on MCU's big future.

And talking about Deadpool, then he’s a fan favorite, while also being popular for his R-rated performance, in the last two installments.

Some reports are also suggesting that Marvel Studios will, in fact, keep both versions of Ryan Reynolds’s Wade Wilson, that is, the R-rated one for his solo outings, and also the PG-13 one during a likely 'Avengers 5', maybe, or some other crossover movie—to make a proper balance and no confusion regarding the character’s tone itself.

In July’s Phase 4 announcement—which was by the way a huge one, when considering new characters’ introduction, like 'Blade' and 'Shang-Chi'—several cosmic-level movies were also announced like 'The Eternals', 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness', and 'Thor: Love and Thunder'.

Well, in that announcement Kevin Feige did mention some development on 'Fantastic Four', but there was no word on Deadpool.

But it’s all just a matter of time now when we will be seeing every Marvel superhero character on the big screen.

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