Cost of Safety Pins Will Shock You

A Safety Pin is the most commonly used accessory. It is made of steel, an alloy of iron that has a high carbon content. These pins are something that might have been worn by you, not just once but a multitude of times. 

Their sizes vary depending on requirements but if you ever have to think about how much it costs you will be shocked.

To fasten this simple spring mechanism onto your dresses is an expensive affair. You don't believe us? We will tell you why....? 

Cost of safety pins are shocking

The cheapest safety pins are offered at 33paisa online by few vendors, whereas a local outlet charges anywhere between 1 to ₹1.4. Whereas some pricey outlets like health and glow charge ₹4.4 per safety pin which is 13 times more than the regular price. 

golden tone safety pins cost

What surprised us is the varying online prices that will prick you even more. When compared to the local outlets and pricey outlets these multi-utility latches are sold for outrageous prices which seems unrealistic. A ten-piece safety pin set is priced at ₹699.  This is beyond consumer understanding! Although consumers are smart enough to understand we don't see any change in the material used. They differ in price tags that are unexplainable.

high priced safety pins

Thankfully We found conditions that guarantee 10 days replacement policy for a set of safety pins and we hope consumers are smart enough to decide.

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