Coronavirus Update: 169 Cases In India, 4 Deaths So Far; Prime Minister To Address The Nation Tonight At 8 PM

From 147 on Wednesday evening, the number of infected people has jumped unprecedentedly in the course of 24 hours

169 Cases In India, 4 Deaths So Far; Global Figure Crosses 2 Lakh (Image Credit: m.economictimes.com)

The Coronavirus danger is engulfing the country with each new day and it’s actually getting out of control of the medical authorities as well as the government to prevent the spread of infection among the people across the states.

Recently, an Indian Army soldier posted to Leh in Ladakh was found positive with COVID-19. It’s highly alarming to even imagine the Novel coronavirus (or in other words the C-Virus) spreading in the armed forces. As of now, that’s not the case, thanks to preventive measures and less count of diseased individuals, when compared to global scenario.

However, from 147 on Wednesday evening, the number of infected people has jumped unprecedentedly in the course of 24 hours. And the current update puts it to 169—a shocking increase hinting towards the rate at which the C-Virus is affecting every person in India.

Overall four deaths have been reported so far in the country, with the latest case being of a man committing suicide by jumping off a 7-storey building of Safdarjung hospital. He was infected and was kept in isolation.

Meanwhile, the Indian government has put a total restriction on the incoming of international passengers from other countries, namely Malaysia, Philippines, Afghanistan, and European nations like Italy, France, UK, and Germany.

Indian Council of Medical Research said, on Thursday, that so far, there’s been no threat of any community transmission, which is a good thing.

PM Modi will be addressing the nation tonight at 8 pm, on the current situation and necessary steps to take to remain safe.

Speaking of global figures, then as of now, COVID 19 has infected around 222, 642 people with 9,115 deaths and 84,506 recoveries (at the time of writing this article).

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Self-Isolation and Quarantine

Citizens across the world have been asked to follow the practice of self-isolation until the pandemic is prevailing across the globe. In India also, famous celebrities including Bollywood stars and sportspersons are urging their fans and the rest of the people to stay in quarantine and avoid travel as much as impossible unless it's very urgent.

Actress Deepika Padukone, who was selected by WHO to promote the "safe-hands challenge", shared a video of hers on Twitter in which she is seen washing her hands for 20 seconds to avoid germs and stay clean, to beat Coronavirus.

Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also shared a video, requesting his fans to self-isolate and live in quarantine.

Moreover, Hollywood actor and Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger also shared a message on his Twitter profile, requesting the users to follow the practice of quarantining and self-isolation.

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