Coronavirus and Society: Why Joker’s Interrogation Scene Dialogue Seems More Relevant Now, About People and Fake Moral Codes

In The Dark Knight’s iconic scene, Joker tells Batman about how codes and morals act as layers of evil and fakeness, for certain people, in the world

Joker tells the Batman about the real face of society. A still from the iconic interrogation scene. (Image credit: flickeringmyth.com)

“They need you right now, but when they don't, they'll cast you out, like a leper! You see, their morals, their code, it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be.”

Heath Ledger’s everlasting dialogue, above, from Christopher Nolan’s superhero epic, The Dark Knight (2008), seems more relevant now about how the society works in the modern-day world; the people and their fake moral codes. When connected with the current crisis created by the ongoing pandemic, Coronavirus, it clearly means more than what you must have thought of the Joker’s quote previously.

Despite the Covid 19 disease bringing everyone together in the midst of distancing from each other, the cruel reality of the world never ceases to reveal itself time and again. While the sense of care and emotions has increased a lot in the last one month, on the other hand, there are those people also who keep committing the act of insensitivity to other humans in the name of ‘blaming for a cause’.

Morality is just a term for such individuals who save it for sympathy and attention, whenever required.

Even in this ‘Corona crisis phase’, evil attributes like racism, discrimination on the basis of birthplace, community, and even country, continue to prevail. And yes, it’s been supported by those who show the smile of an ‘evil genius’; they are complete hypocrites in themselves. Why?

Well, social media can answer that question very transparently. It not only exists just for fun and entertainment purposes but also directly and consistently keeps revealing the real faces of fake personalities and their psychology, on a daily basis. How?

On one hand, many people express their views against criteria of judging by skin colour, race, and discrimination in their posts or stories, but when it comes to behaving in the actual world, those same ‘ethical people’ act as if they don’t even know what’s called goodness and kindness, in the first place. Isn’t it strange to see what’s happening around?

And it’s not just about one country.

The world consists of all humans. The term ‘all’ is very important here.

Recent cases of people going completely mad with others belonging to a specific region or a community, really make oneself helpless to even think of how it can be possible. Spitting on someone, blaming and literally calling that person the pandemic itself! Seriously? That’s how moral codes work? For them, maybe yes!

Is calling out all the people belonging to ‘a group’ as the only responsible beings for the current crisis is okay? Even if it means beating up the students? That’s horrible. But that’s okay, right?

What’s definitely not okay is the way social media kingdom reacts to this kind of evil wave, pushing its flow constantly. In their own minds, they always know what they are, what they think of others. But when it’s about expressing artificial empathy to the ones in front of them, they are also the ones coming up first for gaining all the attention in the name of shouting big words like ‘justice’, ‘power of voice’, ‘feminism’, 'free speech', ‘greatness of non-violence’ and whatnot.

Is spreading fake beliefs and hate against one section is fair? Chaos is not natural, it is always created by us only; it lies within. And we prove it every time during the worst situations.

How can this kind of social behavior be justified?

The world is always changing. That’s a true fact. However, what never changes, and won’t in the near future, is ‘taking morality and ethics for granted’ and using them only for achieving one’s own ends, by any unacceptable means.
It is more likely that after this pandemic passes out, in the coming months, a new kind of social distancing will emerge in the society where everyone will be scared from each other in a subtle yet inexplicable way. And it will not be ‘good’ at all for 'humanity'.
Is the joker right, eventually?
And if not, then why not? You tell yourself.
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