Spot The Difference: From 'Divider in Chief' To Man Who 'United India' On Time Magazine

It's not even been a month since International Edition of the Time magazine published a Cover article under the headline - 'India's Divider in Chief' on Modi and already seems to differ in it's opinion. The magazine has now ran another article on Tuesday, 29th May, favouring PM Modi and reads "Modi United India Like No Other Prime Minister in Decades." 

Time Magazine published cover story favouring Modi after an anti-Modi article few weeks ago.

This is in stark contrast to the Magazine's Anti-Modi article written by Aatish Taseer, son of Indian journalist Tavleen Singh and late Pakistani politician and businessman Salmaan Taseer during pre-elections. The recently written opinion piece by Manoj Ladwa, Founder and Chief executive of India Inc group, a London based Media Organisation takes a Pro-Modi stand instead. This comes after BJP's landslide victory in National Election 2019. Ladwa is the one who led the reasearch analysis and messaging division of  Narendra Modi for PM campaign.

Surprisingly, Ladwa writes in favour of Modi and his govermance for the second term. 

"Despite the strong and often unfair criticisms leveled at Modi's policies both throughout his first term and this marathon election, no Prime Minister has united the Indian electorate as much in close to five decades," Ladwa Wrote referring to the late Indira Gandhi's massive sweep in the year 1971.

The author Mr.Ladwa also said that Modi won with a strong mandate only because he managed to transcend  India's greatest fault line: The class divide.

"Although he still has work to do, his efforts have been recognised by every single global institute such as World Bank, IMF, the UN etc..and Modi's India is finally progressing at a rate worthy of its size and potential," he further adds. The author also seems to be impressed with Modi's ability to plug corruption and tackle inefficiency in administration and suggests Modi's govt. to focus on reforming these institutions and make them fit in the long run. 

"This will require him to remain the pragmatic politician he is, and continue to shun the temptations of populism as he sets out his stall for a second term," saying so he also seems to be affirmative about Modi's New India materializing in his second term.

On the other hand The Cover Titled "Divider-in-Chief" which was published during pre-elections garnered equal attention from social media for it's controversial take on the Prime Minister of India.

The cover story by reporter Aatish Taseer no doubt targeted Modi.

"The world's biggest democracy is more divided than ever," it said. Moreover the incidents of mob lynching that took place in the last five years, Yogi Adityanath’s appointment as Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister, and the shocking inclusion of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur in the BJP as a candidate in the elections were used as weapons against Modi.

And this moment turned out to be a great opportunity for the opposition to attack Narendra Modi and his government aswell.

However what made the organisation to take a quick U-turn remains unanswered.

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