'Masood Azhar' Eventually Listed As ‘International Terrorist’ By The United Nations, 'Our Diplomatic Victory' Claims America And India

Jaish-e-Mohammad leader and terrorist Masood Azhar was, on Wednesday, 1st May 2019 listed as a global threat by the UN. The latest decision by the United Nations comes after China dropped its objection regarding this.

While the BJP credited PM Narendra Modi calling it a "diplomatic victory", US laid its claim for the United Nations move designating JeM Chief Masood Azhar as a "Global Terrorist".

Speaking on to what is being seen as an historic success Senior BJP Leader and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley highlighted the Indian diplomatic corp’s work. 

“ India stands vindicated. Masood Azhar is now a global terrorist. India is in safe hands. This marks a high point for the prime minister’s foreign policy,” Jaitley said.

"Big, small, all join together. Masood Azhar designated as a terrorist in @UN Sanctions list. Grateful to all for their support," tweeted India’s ambassador to the United Nations, Syed Akbaruddin, after the UN’s declaration.

On the other hand US laid its claim on the lon-awaited action. US Secretary of State Department Mike Pompeo called it a victory of American diplomacy and the international community against terrorism.

It wasn’t the case earlier as China was the one who defended Masood from getting declared an international terrorist.                                                                            

After being declared a global threat, Masood’s assets will now get frozen, along with a travel ban too.

Pakistan, in its reply to the United Nations’ declaration, said that it will immediately enforce the sanctions on Masood. And it maintains that terrorism is a menace to the world, including the Indian state-sponsored terrorism against innocent Kashmiris. This was again another indirect aim, targeted at India.

Pakistan also added that it would be false to present this latest development as a victory for India and validation for its stance.

The call for a ban and to declare Masood a global terrorist, was brought on by the United States, Britain, and France after the Pulwama attack in Kashmir, on February 14th, 2019. The blast was one of the deadliest ones in the last 30 years of the terror-prone state.

On previous occasions, however, due to China’s soft stance on the 'JeM' leader, things didn’t go down well for India and the rest of the Nations wanting an international ban. China, an ally of Pakistan, had previously blocked the sanctions committee from imposing sanctions on Masood, way back in 2016, 2017 also, before finally agreeing to it on Wednesday.

And now that it’s happened, Indian people can rejoice at the fact that finally the culprit has been tamed, in a way.

Without any assistance and support of any form, the JeM terrorist won’t be able to carry out an evil plan in the future, from now on.

Source: BBC.com

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