Assassin’s Creed Unity Replica To Help Rebuild The Notre-Dame Cathedral!

Notre-Dame cathedral, which is located in Paris, had a disastrous day on Monday, April 15th, 2019, when a large portion of it was burnt by an unexpected fire on the roof. The cathedral is an ancient heritage of France and considering that the President, Immanuel Macron, announced the launch of a national fundraising campaign to restore the entire structure, once again.

But since it’s a complex structure with very high details in its architecture, it isn’t possible to rebuild the lost portion just like it was, originally. The architects will be having a huge responsibility and pressure of restoring the cathedral, by looking at past videos and pictures of it before the fire, to examine the details of the specific portion.

And recently, a video game has come to the rescue of Notre-Dame—Assassin’s Creed Unity. According to latest reports, the game will be examined for having a look of the structure since it has sequences of the cathedral in its game story. In other words, the exact, detailed replica of Notre-Dame is featured in the open-world game which takes place in the historic Paris.

The idea comes from an excerpt of Assassin’s Creed Unity’s artist Caroline Miousse, who had given details to The Verge during the game’s launch, back in 2014, about how the exact copy of the cathedral was made for the title.

In the case of the Notre-Dame, easily the biggest structure in the game, it meant recreating a version of the cathedral that didn't actually exist at the time. Level artist Miousse spent literally years fussing over the details of the building. She pored over photos to get the architecture just right, and worked with texture artists to make sure that each brick was as it should be.

Meanwhile, the French government is hoping for completing the rebuilding of the structure in the next five years. This is surely a hard time for the people of Paris, but after receiving a hope in the form of Assassin’s Creed Unity, there seem to be positive signs again for the future of the cathedral. 

French President Emmanuel Macron has commited to rebuilding the Notre-Dame cathedral within five years after fire gutted the Paris' 850-year-old landmark.

A fire broke out in the historic Notre Dame Cathedral building on Tuesday, April 16. Now the church's construction work is said to resume with dignitaries donating $ 300 million from across the world. The fire broke damaged the interiors of the building, causing a large portion of it to collapse. 

 "It is disappointing to know that part of it burned in the fire and valuable artifacts have disappeared," a consultant said. It was also said that the tragedy could have been averted if the donations would have come earlier. the church struggled to raise money for the construction work and what they have received now in donation is 3 times bigger than the amount that they actually hoped to get. 

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