Arnab Goswami, Who? President of News Broadcasting Federation! Twitter Not Buying It, Republic TV EIC Trends

Taking a unanimous decision recently, earlier this week, the governing board of the News Broadcasting Federation elected Republic TV’s EIC (editor-in-chief) as their new president

Arnab Goswami was made the new president of news broadcasting federation earlier this week (Image Credit: insidene.com)

News Broadcasting Federation (NBF) which has 78 channels under it, representing broadcasters from 14 languages across 25 states in India, just recently elected its new President following a unanimous decision—Arnab Goswami. The EIC (editor-in-chief) of Republic TV is now the head of the ‘news’ broadcasting itself.

After his selection to the new position, earlier this week, Mr. Goswami expressed his gratitude:

“I am grateful for the trust and confidence shown in me by the largest ever group of broadcasters in India. NBF is a game changer and its incredible how so many channel owners and top executives have come together so quickly to make NBF happen.”

Adding further, he also, in his way, assured that NBF (under him) will change the current scenario of several Delhi-based channels “falsely claiming to represent Indian broadcasting”.

But it seems like social media, especially Twitter users, who don't like him for the way he presents news, aren’t buying it at all, as they are confused and at the same time shocked to see such a decision by the governing board of the broadcasting federation.

Critical thinkers don’t like Arnab Goswami much when it comes to news dissemination and the way it’s distributed by him and other news anchors, in a similar fashion. Intellects have the opinion that such reporters and ‘so-called journalists’ have no logic and sense in their presentation of news and information. Instead, they try to divide the nation by setting up agendas for only TRPs.

Some other journalists, who speak on the issues for the people have even called Arnab’s reports fake, which were shown on TV or on social media, related to various cases in the past; and that he no longer has the credibility when it comes to giving out fact-filled and logical news without creating unwanted drama.
Last month, Patanjali’s Ramdev had come for an interview in Goswami’s debate show on Republic TV and gave several controversial statements, about Dr. Ambedkar and his followers, for which he was trolled on Twitter with hashtag #ArrestRamdev.

Source: Twitter

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