Are You Brave Enough To Finish This Netflix Horror Series That Everyone’s Scared of?

The recent series on the online streaming platform is driving the subscribers crazy when it comes to haunting them to extreme levels. Several viewers are coming out with expressions filled with fear and disturbance

A still from the Netflix horror show Ares. (Image Credit: tvserial.it)

There have been many outstanding horror shows in recent years especially when it comes to streaming services, like Netflix which seems to be having a great time coming up with unexpectedly mindblowing options for the lovers of fear and darkness. After ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, ‘Stranger Things’, and ‘Dark’, a new Netflix series is making the headlines these days on the internet. And viewers are so afraid of it that they are not even able to finish it off! At least, as per the articles by several websites.

The latest Dutch series titled ‘Ares’ was released last month, on January 17, 2020, but went mostly unnoticed with hardly anyone talking about it. Although recently, those who actually watched it are expressing their reactions and feelings about the occult-horror drama, that basically shows the story of a college student who becomes the part of a mysterious society, for becoming an elite in Amsterdam—this is the official synopsis.

The show seems to be haunting the subscribers of Netflix who are daring to watch it but aren’t able to complete till the end of the last episode. Well as the number of its viewers is increasing, many people are saying that the show is a fantastic horror drama and a very satisfying mysterious series.

But there’s also the other side of those people who are not at all scared of Ares and are instead calling the current scenario a marketing tactic being used by several media outlets and other websites to create an urge among the viewers to go for this show. And this logic also makes a lot of sense because, since its release on the streaming platform, the Dutch horror series hasn't been talked about a lot due to minimal attention by the viewers.

‘Ares’ consists of 8 episodes and stars Jade Olieberg, Lisa Smit, Robin Boissevain, and Tobias Kersloot.
What do you think about it? Have you watched Ares? If yes, then drop your reactions in the comments section below to tell if it’s really scary or just another usual show that is being hyped by 'clickbait' headlines.
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