Amazon Rainforest Fires: The Crisis is Huge This Time, For Brazil and The Entire World

Amazon forests are going through the phase of worst fires in recent years. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Brazil is currently facing a huge crisis in the form of Amazon rainforest fires that have caused a big loss to the land, farmers and their cattle, and also the residents of the country as well.

The impact of the fires has been drastically bad across the entire affected areas.

Speaking of affected areas, then the Northern States of Acre, Roraima, and Amazonas are severely facing the effects of the fires.

Just this year, the number of fire incidents have increased unprecedentedly in Brazil, according to the data provided by the country’s space agency. There’s been a massive '85% increase' when compared to the last year. It means that the fires are occurring at a rate, which is double than 2018.

As per the figures, by the National Institute for Space Research, then nearly 75,000 forest fires have been recorded in Brazil, in the first eight months of 2019 alone—the highest since 2013.

When taking the figures of 2018 into consideration—in which 40,000 forest fires were recorded—then this year’s numbers are highly alarming.

Although it’s a known fact that during the dry season the fires usually increase in the Amazon, spanning from July to October, the current scenario in the region is different, in 2019, owing to various reasons.

Normally, the usual causes for the fires include natural events like lightning strikes, and also the farmers and loggers who clear up the land for crops or grazing.

But this year, the environmental activists have criticized the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro himself, who, they think, has an anti-environment rhetoric approach, as he has supported tree-clearing activities.

And as it’s always expected in such cases, relating to political leaders, the president, in his response, has accused the non-governmental organizations, saying that the fires are, in fact, caused by them, for damaging his image.

He also said that the government currently lacks the resources to fight the flames of this scale.

Moving ahead from the blame game, then the Amazon fires are affecting the lives of people, not just in Brazil and nearby areas, but also the places away from the impact region. Nations like Venezuela, Columbia, and Peru have also been affected.

As per the latest reports by the European Union’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service, the smoke of the fires is travelling as far as the Atlantic coast.

Moreover, the skies also turned dark in Sao Palo, which is 3,200 km away from the affected area.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently raised concerns about the fires and asked the ‘Members of the G7 Summit’ to have a discussion about the situation as soon as possible.

Teenage activist, and 16-year old, Greta Thunberg also tweeted about the fires and prayed for those affected.

On the environmental level, the Amazon fires have resulted in the release of a large amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which is not good at all, for the people and also other species, living in the region.

The deadly gases are spreading beyond the coastlines of South America.

The situation is alarming, when considering the fact that the trees in the Amazon forests act as a huge source for releasing oxygen, while also regulating global warming, by containing carbon dioxide, due to the largest green cover on the planet.

But when the trees are cut, then the carbon gets released in the atmosphere, and the capacity of the rainforests to absorb carbon emissions also gets reduced.

Source: BBC

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