Afghan Taliban Releases Three Indian Hostages In Return of Its 11 Senior Members

Several sources from the militant group of Afghan Taliban recently revealed to the BBC that 11 of their senior members have been released in exchange for three Indian engineers who were part of a group of seven engineers who had been kidnapped, along with their driver, more than a year ago.

The Indian hostages were released on Sunday, October 6, 2019. This news has come after the recent meeting of the Taliban members with the US envoy.

Also, the Afghan-American diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad reportedly met the senior members of the militant group in Pakistan last week.

The prisoner-swap can be called a result of the talks.

As per the news coming from the Taliban’s sources, three of their members were released from prison in Afghanistan, also including former “shadow” governor of Nimroz province. Another governor of Kunar province is also said to have been released.
The commanders of the terrorist group had been held in a tight security prison at Bagram, said the reports.
Coming back to the Indian hostages who were released by the militant group then they haven’t been named.

Source: BBC

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