A Billion Under Quarantine: PM Modi Announces Nationwide 21-Day Lockdown, While Speaking on Prevention of Fake News

In his second briefing to the country, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a Nationwide lockdown till April 14, while also calling out to those who spread fake news and rumors


PM Modi announced a nationwide 21-day lockdown due to the Corona Crisis in India (Image Credit: economic.indiatimes.com)

In his second briefing, on Tuesday at 8 PM, the Indian prime minister announced a nationwide lockdown for 21 days. The hard but necessary step has been taken after the “Janata curfew” which was implemented on March 22, 2020, in the wake of surging Covid 19 cases in the country.

While announcing the lockdown on Tuesday he said that the 21-day lockdown is important for the people and their families to stay safe from the virus which is now spreading at an alarming rate. Stressing the implementation of the lockdown he said: if we are not sincere in the curfew for 21 days then the country will fall back 21 years.

He has also asked every countryman, from now on, to "draw a laxman rekha outside your door and remember that even a step outside will bring coronavirus into your house".

He also gave the example of countries that are fighting with coronavirus but are helpless. He said that even the most prosperous nations are not able to contain this pandemic. And that any developed country is also not strong enough at the moment in fighting with Covid 19. It's not that the nations are not doing anything but whatever they are trying to do is going in vain due to the virus.

PM Modi also mentioned the importance of social distancing and why it is necessary to practice it.

“No matter what we should stay at home. Social distance applies from Prime Minister to every citizen”.

Moreover, he also announced an amount of 15,000 crores for strengthening the health infrastructure to combat coronavirus. And it will be spent on testing centers, PPE, ventilators, and other useful equipments. Private sectors and private labs have also joined the fight, he said.

Prime minister also urged everyone to fight the increasing amount of 'misinformation' and rapidly spreading fake news in this pandemic phase. Mentioning about the rumors on several vaccines, claimed by unknown sources as 'effective' against the virus, circulating these days over the social media, he asked the people to ignore any kind of unspecified source. The Prime minister also urged the public to not take any medicine without consulting a doctor.

In the end, the prime minister said that he is very much confident that every Indian will not only combat this difficult situation but will also emerge victorious as well.

Source: ndtv.com

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